Danby Lodge

Other Rooms in the House

  • TV Room

    TV Room

  • The Utility

    The Utility

  • Space upstairs for reading in peace

    Space upstairs for reading in peace

  • The Snug

    The Snug


  • 50 inch flat screen TV
  • Satellite TV
  • High Quality Sound System
  • DVD's and CD's for us by guests
  • Snug library and landing for reading

The House contains a TV/AV Room containing a 60 inch Ultra High Definition Smart TV with Satellite Channels and a high quality sound system with ample DVD’s and CD’s for use by guests. Downstairs, there is a reading room (Snug) and a further small library room (if the sofa bed is not in use). There are also a couple of chairs which you can sit and read in on the top floor landing.