Redwood Grove – A Marvel of Nature in the Forest Of Dean

We all know being around nature has a lot of perks like better health, enhanced creativity, mood elevation, and much more. There may be something more special about some specific trees. Redwoods are one of them.

“The redwoods, once seen, leave a mark or create a vision that stays with you always. The feeling they produce is not transferable.”

-John Steinbeck

The Redwoods have a history dating back hundreds of years because they are the longest living trees in the world. Because of their distinct self-reliant and self-defensive characteristics, the redwoods were considered to be a symbol of balance and protection by our ancestors.  A community of mighty tall trees with huge branches connected with each other and deeply grounded roots sure give a stunning view but other than creating a striking landscape, the redwood gloves provide a lot of other benefits for the environment and all living kinds as well.

 Provides the most Oxygen

The redwood grove has proven to be able to capture the largest amount of carbon dioxide from our environment and transform it into Oxygen. This significant quality makes the redwood forests crucial for fighting climate change and maintaining a healthy environment.  According to research, the old grown redwood trees store at least five times more carbon dioxide than any other type of forest keeping the environment clean from harmful elements. If you are in a forest of redwood trees you will feel that it’s much easier to breathe around them because of the cleaner air.

Medical Uses

Tree trunkOver centuries, redwood trees have been used for health and medicinal purposes. Some of the common ancient uses include:

Foliage – young tree shrubs used as a bandage for treating sores.

The Gummy Sap – Soaked in water, and drunk as an energy drink.

Redwood Needle Tea– Used as cough medicine and a disinfectant for UTIs.

Bark – Bandage made from the bark used to treat venereal diseases.

Inner bark – Tincture used as a blood purifier.

Relieves Stress and Fatigue

This is no secret that nature has a healing effect on a lot of people, this is because nature helps you unwind and reconnect with yourself. Cities, while being the centre of our lives in the modern age, lack the peace and calmness that nature has to offer. Redwood trees, as one of the marvels of nature, release so much oxygen into the atmosphere and play an important role in providing a home for many insects. These are an important part of the ecosystem that is keeping so many species of insects crawling through the forest, making their own clouds that protect themselves from tragedies such as wildfires, and more importantly, create tranquillity such that anyone who goes for a walk in the redwood forest instantly feels relaxed in the oxygen-rich atmosphere.

Redwood grove in the forest of Dean is just a few minutes walk away from the Danby Lodge, you can either walk there or use the space to meditate or paddle your way on one of the cycles available in the game room and spend your day forest bathing in the most healing cluster of redwood trees.