Dean Forest Railway

Forest of Dean Railway: A Ride through Nature

What do city dwellers yearn for most? Nothing more than an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life to the lush green terraced fields, meandering rivers, thick forests, and more such scenic views. These picturesque locations are ideal for trekking, biking, or hiking. Topped with the fun factor that you spend this time with your loved ones, what more can one ask for?

The internet provides several options where to retreat and unwind and return with a productivity boost. Numerous idyllic destinations will pop up, but the rail ride through the magical Forest of Dean provides an ultimate experience to its visitors with a plethora of next-level enchanting adventures. Thick forests, moss-covered rocks, ancient mines and virgin woods all make this an ideal picnic trip that is bewitching for any city dweller.

These trains, which run between Lydney and Parkend in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, will take you for a railway ride through these majestic woodlands. From Lydney junction, you can witness expansive views of River Severn to Sharpness and further beyond. The outstanding services, coupled with the scenic views of the countryside, will surely keep you coming back for more.

1. Steam Train Ride

Dean Forest Railway Photo courtesy of Dean Forest Railway

A relaxing steam train ride across the Forest of Dean is one of the many steam engines that are available throughout weekends. It is a 1.5-hour ride across the forest in which you can have drinks and food for a nominal fee. Pets too are allowed, again with nominal charges.

2. Murder Mysteries on a Steam Train

What better way to enjoy a locomotive than to top it with a murder mystery for mystery fanatics. This is a 2.15-hour ride from and to Norchard Station in which you will be served a two-course meal closing with a dessert while you are busy cracking the murder mystery. The prime suspects will be on board with you wearing face shields and will follow all social distancing measures whilst you question them.

3. Brake Van Special

This one is ultimately special to witness the authentic Forest Dean Railway. Feel the fresh country breeze sweeping through your hair, taking you to the lost era when these diesel locomotives were used as freight forwarders. You will also be able to capture the most scenic shots of never before seen places throughout the 1.5-hour ride from and to Norchard Station.

4. Heritage Diesel Rail car Train Ride

You can enjoy a relaxing 1-hour train ride in our heritage diesel rail car train in the Forest of Dean.

5. Evening Steam Tour and Talk

In this 1. 5-hour ride to and from Norchard Station, you can experience the infallible history of Dean Forest. The main attraction of this ride is commentary from a local historian and chairman of the railway Ian Pope who will deliver a talk on the history of the line over onboard speakers during the journey. Ian Pope will also be offering a book signing after the trip at Norchard Shop.

6. Santa Specials

You can visit the Forest of Dean this Christmas and avail yourself of the chance to ride in an authentic steam engine with Santa and his elves that will be there to give age-appropriate gifts for children and adults along with warm mince pies for all passengers. To ensure social distancing measures Santa himself will now be in his grotto at Norchard Station where you will get to meet and chat with him in person before the train departs. It’s advisable to book slots beforehand since seats are limited.

Enjoy an unforgettable journey through these enchanting forests with Dean Forest Railway trains. They have much more to offer since our pens or cameras cannot do justice to their wonders.

Due to limited seating capacity, all visitors should book in advance. All the trains are thoroughly sanitized after each trip for the safety of all passengers. Also, go through the COVID-19 statement to check out all changes in itineraries to ensure convenience for all.

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